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There are just two principle types of coffee grown today: Arabica and Robusta. From these two beans, several blends can be created by blending different amounts of arabica and robusta together. Our roasters in Italy pride themselves on choosing the best green beans for blending and roasting.

Coffee can be considered like a fine wine, it has it's own 'terroir' and together with the best processing techniques this can result in an aromatic beverage worthy of evaluation re: smell, appearance, taste and touch ~ a sensual drink, to be enjoyed.

Coffea Arabica
At we choose the finest arabica coffee from Brazil and Central America

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Coffea Arabica is a valuable species, it has been grown and selected for several centuries and represents three-quarters of the world's coffee production. As the name suggests it comes from Arabia and thrives in land rich in minerals. The Arabica makes a flavoury full-bodied coffee, sharp in taste, with rather low caffeine content. There are, as with all coffee, different tastes depending on the crop varieties. Arabica beans look slightly elongated, with greenish-blue shades.

Coffea Robusta have specially selected some Robusta beans from Central America to blend with the Arabica for a sharper taste and texture.

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Coffea Robusta is a variety that can grow over twelve metres high. It grows quickly in altitudes up to 600 metres and is more resistant to parasites. Discovered in the Congo in 1898, this hardy species is widely spread, especially in Africa, Asia and Indonesia, where the climate is unsuitable for Coffea Arabica. It represents about one quarter of total world production. Because of their higher content of caffeine (about twice as much as Arabica) and strong character, Robustas are used mostly in speciality blends. Overuse and/or improper processing can result in cheap and bitter-tasting coffee, with pronounced "woodiness", a typical characteristic of natural Robustas from Africa. Washed varieties from Indonesia are rare and particularly prized for use in certain blends. Its beans are typically small, rounded and brownish-yellow in appearance.


Before proceeding to roasting operation beans are often 'blended' to produce speciality 'blends'. Blends are chosen on the basis of

The type of coffee, Arabica/Robusta

How they are processed natural/washed

The country of origin, as all beans have their own 'terroir'

The quality of coffee


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