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Our superb coffee blends are roasted in Italy, where coffee is truly a passion, by our sister company Serio Caffé. It is roasted in small batches to maintain freshness and aroma, resulting in the most authentic Italian caffé available in Ireland.

How to order
Call 01 620 5058 or email
We will deliver to your door the next day.
FREE DELIVERY in the Greater Dublin area!

We supply Coffee Beans - PODs - Ground Coffee

Coffee Beans:

A blend of 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta mainly from Brazil and Central America. A perfect blend for frequent drinking. Features a subtle aroma of flowers and a slight taste of chocolate.

80% Arabica / 20% Robusta
Box - 6 x 1 Kg

A blend of 40% Arabica and 60% Robusta from South America, Africa and Asia. This blend has full body flavour and produces a delicious thick crema.

40% Arabica / 60% Robusta
Box - 6 x 1 Kg
A blend of pure 100% Arabica coffee from Brazil, India and Central America. It has delicious, slightly sweet taste and pleasant fruity acidity. The low caffeine content makes this blend suitable for every moment of the day - so you can drink more!

100% Arabica
Box - 6 x 1 Kg
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E.S.E. POD's:  

Coffee pods
80% Arabica
20% Robusta
150 x 7g

Also available: 100% Arabica, and Decaffeinated PODs

Why PODs are perfect for the office...

The main advantage of the Italian Pod System (Easy Serving Espresso or E.S.E.) is that it's so simple to use and delivers consistent results. 

With coffee pods all the work is already done: they are the exact weight, ground exactly right for the perfect espresso, enclosed between two layers of fine filter paper and individually wrapped in foil for absolute freshness with every cup.

Easy. No Waste. No Mess. Reliable.

The coffee is already ground and compressed in the pod, no need for individual grinding and pressing ~ saves time

The long, full-bodied flavour stays in the coffee because each pod is individually packed and sealed.

Perfect in the office because there are no coffee grinds - just throw the pod away after use and no fear of someone leaving them open

Once the machine is set-up, you just insert a pod and press the button, instant coffee just started tasting good! We offer free next day delivery to anywhere in Dublin.

Coffee POD's are cost-efficient, as they are a quick, no waste, no mess, no queuing method of having the pleasure of real Italian coffee in your work.

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Fair Trade 100% Arabica
We have recently introduced our own blend and roast of Fair Trade 100% Arabica ground coffee, competitvely priced! Ask us.

Filter Coffee - Ready to Use Sachets
Our special blend of filter coffee individually wrapped in sachets of 57g (3 pint jug). These are available in boxes of 50 sachets.

The individual foil wrapping is airtight to preserve the full flavour and aroma for every pot you brew.



How to order
Call 01 620 5058 or email
We will deliver to your door the next day.
FREE DELIVERY in the Greater Dublin area!

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