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The Blitz Gemini

The Blitz Gemini
POD Range

The E.S.E. POD system has revolutionised coffee service. Now there is no grinding, stamping and pressing, you can have a single serving individually wrapped for perfect freshness. Ideal for any business ~ no waste, no mess, perfect coffee every time.

Tecnosystem's Blitz Gemini range offers a one and two brew option. They both feature a built-in cappuccinatore, which draws milk directly from the carton and converts it to thick froth instantly. These machines are reliable and built to last.

Email or call us on 01 620 5058 to discuss your professional coffee needs.


  • Uses POD's
    ~ no waste, no mess, perfect fresh coffee
  • Optimal measure
    ~ POD's pre-ground & pre-packed for best flavour
  • Automatically draws in milk straight from the carton through steam
    ~ delicious hot frothy milk in an instant
  • Push on, push off technology
    ~ quick and easy to use
  • High Performance
    ~ as many coffee's as you want, perfect every time
  • Excellent value
    ~ suitable even for high-volume use
  • Steel Plate and forged brass design
    ~ Stylish and built to last
  • Easy to use and simple to clean

Additional models available:
Blitz Gemini 510CL ~ 1 Brew Group, 1 Cappuccinatore
Dimensions: H 400mm x D 410mm x W 320mm

Blitz Gemini 520CL ~ 2 Brew Groups, 1 Cappuccinatore
Dimensions: H 390mm x D 410mm x W 450mm

Email or call us on 01 620 5058 to discuss your professional coffee needs.




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