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saeco vienna deluxe on caffezucco.comDim: W 527mm H 673mm D540mm

Key Features:
Fast coffee maker: Integrated professional cappuccinatore. Both coffee AND milk dispensed at same time. High capacity boilers on the market which means ready availability of hot water and steam.
Steam / hot water dispenser
Coffee dosage adjustment: Choose between 70-155ml
Large bean hop: 2100 grams
Used grounds container holds 100 pucks.

The Idea Cappuccino

The SAECO Idea Cappuccino features an integrated professional cappuccinatore which delivers both coffee and milk at the same time. This makes it an ideal machine wherever high volume automated coffee delivery is needed.

The cappuccinatore takes milk directly from the pack, transforming it into a thick, creamy foam - ready to dispense a cappuccino at the push of a button.

A double boiler (1 for coffee and 1 for hot water/steam) plus 3 water circuits (1 coffee circuit, 1 hot water, and 1 steam circuit) offers faster brewing, as well as on-demand steam and hot water.

How to Order
Call us on 01 620 5058 to discuss your professional coffee needs, or email us.

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